In 1993, I joined the IBEW when I started as a groundman working in Construction. After completing my apprenticeship through NW Line JATC, I became a journeyman lineman in 1998. Shortly after completing my apprenticeship, I joined the staff at Local 125 as the Construction representative and dispatcher. Additionally, I was assigned several PUD and cooperatives as the business representative.


In 2005, the membership elected me to serve as Local 125ís business manager, and Iím currently serving my fifth term. I continue to enjoy the work, and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue learning about the labor movement and the electrical industry. In March 2013, I was appointed as the Trustee to represent the 9th District on the Line Construction Benefit Fund. (LINECO) The fund serves over 40,000, members throughout the United States mostly in the construction industry.† Exposure to this national fund continues to help me identify ways to improve conditions for our membership both in construction and in our other utilities medical plans.†


Often, members ask what they can do to join Local 125ís staff. If you are interested in becoming a business representative to promote the interests of our Local, I advise you to stay involved in the affairs of your unit and begin educating yourself about activities at both the Local and International levels. You can also enroll in courses offered by the Local. Using the Localís and Internationalís web sites, talking to your business representative, and participating in activities sponsored by the Local, you can expose yourself to situations which can provide educational opportunities to gain some experience.


As the business manager, I want to continue promoting membership involvement through training. Iím also working to improve our partnerships with employers to enhance our bargaining position. Finally, I will never stop striving to ensure the Local continues the IBEW tradition of safetyóon the job and at home. Remember to work safely; your family depends on it.