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October 19, 2020

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Covid Udates

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

Local 125 Business Representatives and I have been working with most of our employers as we collaborate on issues around providing crucial services to our customers, and at the same time, applying protection to our members while performing their work.  Most of our employers have tried to err on the side of caution, and the Local has pushed back where we don’t identify that such changes will further protect our membership.  As your Business Manager, I want to protect your safety as well as your CBA.  This means we are looking at all things being considered and determining what steps can help mitigate any spread of viruses in the workplace with minimum disruption to our members’ lives.

We believe that personal hygiene (washing hands, don’t touch your face, cover your cough or sneeze, etc.) as well as following guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) on what is being referred to as social distancing has the biggest impact.  We have acknowledged that employers should take whatever steps possible to keep employees from congregating in the workplace in large numbers (it is advised that this should be kept below ten at this time).  Many employers are directing employees to report directly to their assigned vehicles—going inside the buildings for those employees who don’t need to be there is discouraged.  We know members will need to use restrooms, receive work and materials but care should be exercised to do so in a manner that does not add risk to your Brothers and Sisters.  We can better serve our communities if we can keep out any infection of this virus.  Also, if there is an infection, we want the exposure to others to be kept to an absolute minimum.  So please follow all guidance by the CDC and prevent congregating in the performance of your work.  If you believe there are concerns over added risk by steps being placed in effect, please contact your Business Representative.  

I am asking for your patience, and I am asking for your participation in cooperating with the strategies your employers are working on to keep you safe.  I believe they are genuinely concerned about employee safety while providing uninterrupted service to our communities.  I also want you to be mindful of your own exposure to potential viruses in the performance of your work and your time away from work.  We need you to stay healthy and strong. If you feel any symptoms of sickness, we ask that you contact your employer and request to stay home. If you see ways we can improve our efforts without disruption to service, please let us know. We want to work with our employer partners and improve response to these ever-changing concerns related to the COVID-19 virus. 

Please be safe and take care of your health; your family depends on it!

Travis Eri

04-14-19 COVID-19 Safety Notice
Apr 14, 2020
Download: 4-14-20 COVID-19 Safety Notice.pdf

Employee Rights
Mar 27, 2020

03-25-20 BM Update
Mar 27, 2020

Download: 3-25-20 COVID-19 Business Manager Update.pdf

03-20-20 BM Update
Mar 26, 2020

Download: 3-20-20 COVID-19 Business Manager Update_.pdf

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